Do Not Panic

8th November 2019 @ 8:30 pm – 11:00 pm
Victoria Vaults
Nunnery Ln, York YO23 1AB
£5 plus fees
Victoria Vaults Venue
Do Not Panic @ Victoria Vaults | England | United Kingdom

Do Not Panic – In a parallel Galaxy on the far side of the un-known Universe a band of space Gypsy’s crash landed their way onto the prison planet of PXR5 via Hyper-Court 459. There many crimes of playing live music with instruments was against the doctrine of sub-conscious injected pre-processed music and earned them 2940 years of incarceration. There were no guards; none of those behavioural psychologists who poked and probed around into your psyche and no escape.

Since PXR5’s first penal sonic attack twenty-three hundred years ago, the friends were among the ten remaining defenders of the ‘right to play’. The others were ‘harvested’ or ‘retired’ after the satellite defence network had been built to inject sound and image directly into the frontal cortex. Musical theory had been driven underground for thousands of years, apprentices had not been recruited and now these artisans and only a few technicians existed to monitor and maintain the systems.

PXR5 had one long-range spacecraft. The ship DNP crewed with Robots was over ten thousand years old and had the longest service record and the highest number of successful missions of any ever built. Now, once again, the Gypsies were called upon to defend a planet. Escape was hard and in suspended animation DNP slipped past the defence network as it was seen as a lifeless probe. Speeding to another race light-years away, the Robots had confirmed its place of origin. They pointed their instruments in the vicinity, and sure enough, found life. Earth…………………

Band Members
Huw Android Replica ~ Lead Axe
Lord Rich of Light ~ Bottom End Quark and Vox
Doktor Technikal ~ Assault and Battery
PSi Power ~ Godblaster Axe and Backup Vox
Moondoggle ~ Crystal Machinery
Also featuring:  Donna the Silver Cat ~ Exotic Dancing